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Deer Lodge Centre provides a broad range of programs and services to meet the needs of our community, including:


  • Assessment and Rehabilitation for individuals who have the potential to return to the community, with support, after discharge
  • Chronic Care for individuals who need professional intervention and/or medical supervision
  • Personal Care for individuals who need long-term care in a supervised setting
  • Dementia Special Care Program provides a safe, secure environment for people living with dementia
  • Peritoneal Dialysis
  • Respite Care


  • PRIME, a program that provides seniors with activities and support during the day – including medical care, personal care, social activities and exercises, after-hours support, rehabilitation, home care coordination, transportation, lunch and snacks – so they can live independently in the community
  • Day Hospital, which provides assessment and rehabilitation services to clients 1-2 times per week to promote healthy living for seniors in the community and reduce unnecessary hospital admissions
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Geriatric Mental Health Team providing short-term intervention, education and support to persons experiencing cognitive and/or mental health problems, as well as their families and care providers, on an outreach basis
  • Speech and Language Pathology for Personal Care Home
  • Get Away Club for seniors with a moderate level of cognitive impairment
  • Communication Devices Program ensuring Speech Generating Devices, which augment or replace spoken language, are available and affordable to all eligible adults in Manitoba

Deer Lodge Centre is also home to:

  • The Operational Stress Injuries Clinic, serving Canadian Forces members and veterans, eligible members of the RCMP, and their families, who need treatment for the impact of severe stress
  • The Movement Disorder Clinic, providing multidisciplinary specialty services to patients living with Parkinson’s Disease and Parkinsonism, Tremor, Dystonia, Chorea, Myoclonus, Huntington’s Disease, Tourette’s Syndrome, Restless Leg Syndrome, and Drug Induced Movement Disorders

Deer Lodge Centre is a national leader in geriatric research. Affiliated with the University of Manitoba, the Collaborative Research Unit at DLC undertakes applied research projects every year.

To find out more about Deer Lodge Centre, visit deerlodge.mb.ca

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