Deer Lodge Centre is proud to be a leader in cutting-edge Bariatric Care. The talented team in the Bariatric Unit work with residents living with the complexities of bariatric disease. Their supportive, patient, and unwavering care helps these residents to regain control of their lives and to live without the stigma and marginalization that they would deal with on a regular basis living in the community.

Imagine what it’s like to be isolated from family and friends, with heavy restrictions on your normal routine that prevent you from engaging in life’s simple pleasures. Imagine not being able to go out to eat or see your friends. To not be able to move about like you wish and to be shut off from the world.

“The transformation when you see people come to Deer Lodge is remarkable. I see people come in who have been reduced to essentially living in their beds. They come to live with us at Deer Lodge and they build relationships with the team and they are able to reclaim their independence. It is so uplifting and a very hopeful experience to see someone who has lived in isolation, with loss of purpose to come in and start to blossom and build a life.”

Andrea Theissen, Manager of Resident Care, Lodge 5, Bariatric Care

The Deer Lodge Centre Foundation is proud to support the work that the Bariatric team does, providing much needed funding for ceiling track lifts, supporting beds. And other items that are essential to the daily activities and safety of our residents and team, helping our residents to not only live, but to thrive.