DLC Staff Profile: Brandy Stadnyk, clinical educator

DLC Staff Profile: Brandy Stadnyk, clinical educator

By Lindsay Mykes

DLC Staff Profile: Brandy Stadnyk, clinical educator 1Brandy Stadnyk is a nurse with a unique calling. As Deer Lodge Centre’s very own Clinical Educator, she sees her job as a means of building nursing’s potential. Whether she’s orienting new staff, or enhancing the clinical education of seasoned nurses, healthcare aides and allied health professionals, she spends every day helping our staff give patients and residents the best possible care.

“The most meaningful part of my job is when I watch someone on staff have that ah ha! moment,” she explains. “That’s the reaction you get when you introduce a new skill or technique or information, and they can see how it will have a direct impact on the care they provide.”

Most facilities in the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority have education departments employing multiple clinical educators, many serving particular departments, such as medicine, surgery, oncology, or urgent care. At Deer Lodge, Stadnyk is the only clinical educator. She’s joined by General Educator Vanessa Young-Caimol, and clinical resource nurses serve three or four specific programs, including geriatric rehab, chronic care, and special dementia care. “The CRNs are invaluable in helping us deliver education to the hundreds of nurses and healthcare aides at Deer Lodge,” she says.

Born and raised in Portage la Prairie, Stadnyk has been working at Deer Lodge since 2016. This past winter she completed her Master of Nursing degree and earned a certification from the Centre on Aging. From the way she talks about her work, and the warmth of her laugh, it’s clear she loves her job. Not that it’s without its challenges, but Stadnyk approaches each with enthusiasm, humour, and grace.

Not to mention a little help from a certain four-legged friend.

Her dog, Mr. Rochester, has proven a useful ally in bringing to life imaginary case studies and scenarios during the skills labs she often teaches. Mr. Rochester is named after the character in Charlotte Bronte’s classic novel Jane Eyre (reading is one of Stadnyk’s hobbies).

“I’ve put that dog through a lot in those labs,” she laughs.

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