As the population ages and people live longer, the demand for quality dementia care has never been higher in Manitoba. In addition to the growing number of people who require dementia care, the needs of those living with mild to severe dementia require advanced health care strategies to ensure their wellbeing. Many of these strategies have been pioneered at Deer Lodge Centre.

The five Deer Lodge Centre Dementia Units continue to lead in providing quality care for Manitobans with dementia, though new models of dementia care include introducing interactivity areas that promote personal enjoyment and sensory stimulation that enhances residents’ quality of life.

Deer Lodge Centre has launched an ambitious plan to introduce features most commonly found in a home or office in their Dementia Units. Purpose built environments such as a kitchen, workshop, nursery, or business office will be designed to stimulate pre-dementia experiences. As well, objects of every-day living will be found on the Dementia Units. Musical instruments, interactive dolls or robotic pets, clothing items and ‘memory trunks’ will be perfect for exploring by residents. The transformation from an institutional setting to a home environment will bring the newest innovations in health care to our residents. There is no cure for dementia, but because of your support we can improve the quality of life for people who have given so much.

“I’ve been married to Keith for 62 years. To be separated by dementia these last four years was not what we expected. At first it was hard to leave him, but Deer Lodge Center is his home now. Staff have become our second family and Keith enjoys the programming and the activities. I think it helps him. I’m so grateful for the care and support they provide.”

—Carole Watson