Making Lives Better: Doug Forbes

We asked several members of the Deer Lodge Centre Foundation Board of Directors why they support Deer Lodge Centre. These are their answers.

“Passion and dedication…”

Doug Forbes
Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP
(Vice Chair)

I was originally asked to join the Foundation board because a friend of mine, who was on the Board already, asked me for some help. I really didn’t know much about Deer Lodge then. However, I knew its reputation, and I wanted to help my friend, so I said yes. Once I joined the Foundation I was taken by the quality and diversity of the services and programs at Deer Lodge. I was also motivated by the passion and dedication of the staff and management of the centre and the Foundation. Soon I was no longer there just to help a friend out. I was there to support a facility that provides so much for our community and does so much for its patients.