Making Lives Better: Lisa Lloyd-Scott

We asked several members of the Deer Lodge Centre Foundation Board of Directors why they support Deer Lodge Centre. These are their answers.

“Part of my community…”

Lisa Lloyd-Scott
Deer Lodge Centre

Growing up and as a young woman, I lived down the street from Deer Lodge Centre, so I saw the centre as part of my community. I have memories of how the centre has changed over the years and I’ve watched it evolve into the facility it is today. After graduating, I was fortunate to obtain a position at the centre working as the social worker on the brand-new Neurosupportive Care Unit. Since then, I’ve spent a majority of my career at Deer Lodge Centre in a variety of roles with varying responsibilities. I chose to become a member of the Deer Lodge Centre Foundation board as I view the Foundation as providing us with an opportunity to enhance the support and services that our organization provides to our the clients and their families. It makes me proud to be a board member when I see first-hand the benefits that the Foundation support has for our clients and their families.