“PRIME gave me peace of mind because I knew Delmer was in the best possible hands.”

“PRIME gave me peace of mind because I knew Delmer was in the best possible hands.”

For the past several years, Shirley Dobbin dedicated herself to caring for her 98-year-old husband Delmer. Her goal was to keep him at home with her for as long as possible.

But if you know anything about caregiving, you know what a tough job it is. Even Shirley, a retired maternity nurse, started to feel the strain. Her mind filled with constant worry. She couldn’t sleep at night. Exhaustion set in.

Then PRIME came to the rescue.

prime-framePRIME is a special program at Deer Lodge Centre for seniors with complex health issues. It provides access to physicians, nurses, social workers, and other healthcare specialists – all in one convenient location.

PRIME helps seniors remain active and independent in their own homes for as long as possible while giving them the care they need. PRIME also provides support and services to caregivers like Shirley.

Here’s what PRIME did for Shirley and Delmer:

Twice a week, a shuttle bus brought Delmer to Deer Lodge. He spent the day socializing with other PRIME clients. He received assessment and care from the entire PRIME healthcare team. He received lunch and snacks.

He even exercised. A former boxer, Delmer isn’t shy about the benefits of physical activity to his body or to his competitive spirit. “I was the only one there who could lift the three-pound dumb bells.”

Shirley, meanwhile, got a chance to catch up on her sleep, regain her energy, and reclaim time for herself. PRIME even coordinated home care and nursing for Delmer at home.


Shirley says, “PRIME gave me peace of mind because I knew Delmer was in the best possible hands.”

Delmer happens to be a veteran who served in the Signal Corps and as a pilot in the Second World War. When Delmer could no longer remain at home, PRIME helped the Dobbins plan for long-term care at Deer Lodge. Now Delmer spends his days reading, exercising, and sharing stories of his military service with his doctors and nurses.

Shirley visits him often. She also visits PRIME herself, twice a week.

“It’s a chance for me to get out of the house and meet new people. I don’t have to wait to see a doctor, or make a separate trip.” She taps her foot and adds, “I even get a pedicure.”

At any given moment, PRIME serves more than 90 clients – people like Shirley and Delmer who need a helping hand maintaining active, independent lives in the community.

Unfortunately, PRIME has a waiting list, and it’s eight months long.

Imagine where Shirley and Delmer would be without PRIME.

Imagine how much of a difference it would make if we could offer PRIME to more Manitobans, right now.

You can make that difference.

Your donation today will help expand and enhance PRIME’s quality of care.

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