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Andrew Johnson just turned 30. Many people with his condition – Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy – don’t live past 25.

The degenerative neuromuscular disorder requires a great deal of specialized care, which is why Andrew now lives in Deer Lodge Centre. Here, he’s surrounded by health care professionals who are alert to his needs. He gets physiotherapy twice a week, support from a social worker, devices to help manage his world independently… and more friends than he could ask for.

His mother Faith says, “He went from sitting on a chesterfield at home, watching TV with his parents, to a having this whole new world to explore, and this whole other Deer Lodge family, with grandparents and aunts and uncles who love him. It’s a complete community that looks after him and has everything he needs.”

Charging from one end of Deer Lodge Centre to the other in his motorized wheelchair, Andrew has a busy schedule that includes volunteering, bingo games, art classes that improve his hand-eye coordination, and stopping to lift the spirits of any patient or resident who is feeling under the weather.

“So many people stop me and tell me how much they love Andrew,” says his mother, Faith. “He’s always keeping an eye out for those around him. The nurses and staff tell me his being there makes a huge difference.”

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