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Help us purchase these much-needed items by making a donation today. Whether the item you choose is large or small, your generosity will have an enormous impact on the lives of our residents and patients.


Some of our patients suffer from “foot drop” after a stroke or neurological injury. This is where the front of the foot drops due to weakness, irritation or damage. The CTI Foot Up device will provide dynamic support for the foot, improving walking function and decreasing the risk of falls. Sometimes patients require a custom fitted, molded plastic brace for longer-term treatment of foot drop –- this product will allow us a trial before recommending the custom fitted device. Price: $165.95


The Kneeler

Many of the older patients admitted onto our DLC rehab units have injuries to their foot or ankle that prevent them from putting weight through a leg. This wipeable kneeler device will attach to their walker and provide better support for their leg. It will prevent further injury caused by accidentally stepping on the injured leg, until they are able to put their foot on the ground. Price: $247.09


Bariatric Wheelchair

We have seen an increase in the number of bariatric patients and residents coming to Deer Lodge. These individuals exceed the weight capacity of our standard equipment. This wheelchair has a 32” wide seat, and a weight capacity of 850lbs. This chair would allow occupational therapists to assess new residents regarding their equipment needs and would allow them to be more mobile while awaiting the order and delivery of their own permanent wheelchair. Price: $3,195


Leg Sling

This leg sling will help our staff lift a leg in bed to reduce injuries during patient care. Price: $225


Monark Rehab Trainer

The rehab trainer is a portable exercise machine that can exercise either arms or legs with varying levels of resistance. It will help the dedicated physiotherapist in our PRIME program help clients maintain strength and balance. Price: $2,847


Sit-On Sling

This offers a comfortable option for individuals who spend a prolonged period of time in their wheelchair, and the sling is not able to be removed for various reasons, such as mobility issues. Price: $409


Airex Balance Beam

Many of our patients and residents can benefit from balance training to reduce the likelihood of falls. The Airex Balance Beam will help them with balance training, coordination and reaction training, mobility training, and standing. Price: $207