April Volunteer of the Month: Clint O’Dell

Congratulations to Clint O’Dell, our April Volunteer of the Month.
Clint works tirelessly behind the scenes, serving as treasurer of the Dancing Bear Gift Shop and volunteering at events supporting the Deer Lodge Auxiliary. He also plays an important role as companion volunteer, bringing comfort to residents at the end of their life.
Soft-spoken with a kind smile, he’s been a familiar face to residents for the past four and a half years, who can often find him behind the gift shop counter, ready to help.
“Clint is very dedicated and reliable,” says Lori-Ann Mundt, Deer Lodge’s volunteer and support services coordinator. “He’s a valuable and well-respected volunteer who is appreciated by the staff as well as his fellow volunteers.”
Deer Lodge Centre is within walking distance from home for Clint, and his wife works here as a foot care nurse, so he’s no stranger to the centre or its important place in our community.
Clint took up volunteering at Deer Lodge after a 40-year career in catering and cafeteria operations, and was inspired to become a volunteer after seeing how much of a difference he made helping his brother-in-law when he was in the hospital. “I realized I could make myself useful in so many ways.”
Since coming on board, he’s made himself very useful indeed: to date, he has volunteered 2,815 hours and 17 minutes to making lives better for Deer Lodge residents, patients, staff and families.
“Volunteering has brought me so much closer to people than I ever expected to get,” he says. Aside from volunteering, he’s taking a course in palliative care and compassionate care, which will qualify him to work even more closely with families of patients facing end of life.
Thank you, Clint!