Season of thanks

A message from the Chair of the Deer Lodge Centre Foundation Board of Directors

I have been involved with Deer Lodge Centre Foundation for nearly a decade. I was scouted by a long-time board member, John Restall, who felt I would benefit from serving in my turn. I can’t thank him enough. Along with the many board members who have also served along the way, we have a long tradition of doing our part in making lives better that I am proud to be a part of.

Deer Lodge Centre is a true diamond in the heart of the city. The management and staff are more than deserving of the credit they get for being a part of such an important facility. I have come to truly appreciate the service it provides to the citizens of this province.

Our mission at the Foundation is to do our part in helping our community wherever we can. I am very thankful to have Gordon Fardoe and Christine Brown act as the everyday faces of the Board. As I watch them in action it is abundantly clear to me that they genuinely care about the people who call Deer Lodge Centre home.

This is the time of year to look back with thanks on the year that has passed, and forward to the year ahead. On behalf of the Deer Lodge Centre Foundation Board of Directors, I want to thank our donors and volunteers for their generous contribution to Making Lives Better. I hope you’ll join with me this season in allocating some of your good fortune, however great or small, to the people of Deer Lodge. They are counting on us for our support. You can make a donation today right here on our website, or by calling 204.272.8911.

Best wishes to you and yours,

Ryan Wall