Sergeant Andrew Crump Bursary

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The purpose of the Sergeant Andrew Crump Bursary is to provide financial assistance to all qualified support staff of Deer Lodge Centre who wish to further their studies in a course/program relevant to their present position or a different position in health care.

The Bursary was initially set up in 2015 by the family of Sergeant Andrew Crump, recognizing the need for Deer Lodge Centre to encourage and assist employees to undertake further studies.


To be eligible for the Deer Lodge Centre Foundation educational bursary, the employee must:

  • have been employed at Deer Lodge Centre for more than three years full time, or an equivalent part time. Casual staff are not eligible.
  • have a satisfactory employment record.
  • have a letter of recommendation from your manager supporting your work ethic.
  • be registered in the course, have paid the tuition or have completed the course within the past 6 months.


  • The deadline date for submission of applications is August 31, 2017.
  • Application forms and additional information may be obtained from the Foundation office, or online via the button below.
  • Please submit your application form to the Deer Lodge Centre Foundation office, or scan the form and attach to an email and send to Christine Brown at
  • Applications are reviewed by a Committee from Board of Directors of the Deer Lodge Foundation.
  • Bursaries are authorized by the Board according to pre-set criteria that relate to:
    • value of course to present/future employment at Deer Lodge Centre.
    • quality of job performance.
    • length of employment.
    • number of applicants and available funds.


Prepared by Allan Crump and Maureen Sitar, February 2015

Andrew Crump was born in Winnipeg on December 5, 1920. He grew up in the Elmwood area in an era where you made your fun, such as riding a bicycle to the United States border and back. He was also fond of roller skating and it was at the Winnipeg Roller Rink where he met his future wife, Ada Louise Lilley. They were married in 1941. Dad was fortunate in that he had a talent for fixing and maintaining machinery. He was able to take courses in this field, which served him well the rest of his life Andrew joined the Royal Canadian Air Force during the Second World War. Dad was stationed in England, where he had the responsibility of maintaining and repairing the famous Merlin engines of the Avro Lancaster Bombers.

Upon returning to Winnipeg Dad worked for the Sterling Engine Works until retirement. He was well known throughout the city as someone who only knew one way to do a job; the right way. Dad was often called up in the middle of the night for emergency repairs. Dad was a long-time member of The Western Canada Aviation Museum, and always enjoyed visiting there.

Andrew and Louise had two children, Allan and Maureen. He enjoyed playing with his grandchildren; Jamie, Scott, Andrew and Iain as well as two great-grandchildren, Solomon and Casey.

Dad was an animal lover, and the family had pet dogs and cats for most of his life.

Andrew enjoyed fixing things in his retirement. He was patient and caring, as well as fiercely independent, as witnessed by the fact he lived in his own home until the last year of his life.

Andrew became a resident of Deer Lodge Centre in the spring of 2014. We are grateful that the Deer Lodge Centre staff ensured that his final days were spent in a caring and supportive environment.