Volunteer Profile: Marlene Miller

Volunteer Profile: Marlene Miller

At the heart of the bustling hospital corridors stands a beacon of compassion and unwavering dedication, Marlene Miller, a remarkable volunteer whose commitment and empathy illuminate the lives of patients, families, and staff alike. 

What compelled you to volunteer at Deer Lodge Centre?  As a former member of the CAF, Deer Lodge Hospital was a Veterans hospital and any special testing we required we were sent to Deer Lodge. My daughter also works at Deer Lodge Centre. When I decided I wanted to volunteer, I thought Deer Lodge would be a perfect fit. My small way of giving back to Deer Lodge for what they have always done for Veterans. I know staff are run off their feet and if I can help in any way then I will do what I can.

What volunteer roles do you do and what do you enjoy the most about volunteering at Deer Lodge Centre? I work in the Gift Shop and on Lodge 4 where I assist with recreation by transporting patients to events. I also help out with special events where I can. When you take a patient to one of the events and you see the joy they experience it makes it all worthwhile.

As well, the staff at Deer Lodge are an amazing group of individuals.  They try to make their patients/residents as comfortable as they can.

What do you feel is your most important contribution to the Centre? Helping staff, engaging patients in events and visiting and talking with residents. Getting them out of their rooms and bringing a smile to their faces.

We have regulars who come to purchase snacks at the Gift Shop and we help pack their bags, open their drinks and buy any products they want.  You never know when one wave, a smile or a kind word is what makes their day. My reward is seeing them smile. We also have regular family members who pop in to say hello and check the sales at the Gift shop.

What makes DLC a great place to volunteer? Deer Lodge has a small-town atmosphere.  Everyone is friendly and willing to help others.

Want to join Marlene and give your time to Deer Lodge Centre? CLICK HERE to view all of the different volunteer roles that are available and to apply online.  Have questions? Give our volunteer team a call at 204-831-2118!

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